Face Mask


DIY Anti Viral Face Mask Instructions 

1. Cut two pairs of the main mask pattern pieces and 1 pair of the filter mask pattern pieces out of your chosen fabric.
2. Sew the centre fronts of all three pairs. If you are using patterned fabrics put your patterns sides facing towards each other. 
3. Cut into your curves without cutting into your stitch line. This will help your curve to bend better. Then press this open.
4. Next fold and press 1cm on the side edges of all your pieces. 
5. On your filter piece, this is the smallest one, you need to topstitch the fold. Sew half a centimetre away from the edge you don't need to do this on the other pieces. 
6. Now layer your pieces together. Place one of the main, larger, pieces facing up. Then layer your smaller filter piece on top also facing up. Next place the other main piece facing down, making sure the centre fronts are all lining up. Pin this and sew across the top and bottom. 
7. Turn your mask inside out. This will hide all your raw edges. 
8. Hold you mask up to your face and check how long you need your loops to be. Make sure you leave at least 1cm on each end that can be sewn inside the mask. Then stitch into place. 
9. Give your mask a quick press to finish and add a filter if desired.