Iridescent Chunky Glitter Large 30g


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Glow baby, glow with our fit-for-a-queen Iridescent Chunky Glitter. 

Iridescent is an iridescent baby pink chunky glitter mix that reflects different colours as the light falls on it.  Our glitters are made with high intensity pigment and iridescent.  You will receive a 50 ml pot with 30 g cosmetic glitter. Our glitter is 100% cosmetic glitter, safe and suitable for use on the face, body and hair. Our large pots of glitter are amazing forbody glitter looks. 


Our cosmetic glitters are extremely versatile and multi-use. Pop some under the eye as glam glitter tears, or on the cheekbones for a reflecting highlight. In the hair we love it mixed in with braids or painted into a middle parting. On the body, dust some on the collarbones and shoulders for a super shimmering effect. Mix colours and techniques together and the possibilities of beauty are endless! Tag us on Instagram, we can't wait to see what you create!


Our glitter can be easily applied using any multi purpose balm you have at home or our Peel Off Glitter Glue for an easy and comfortable application.  Apply with your fingertips, cotton buds or a brush on top of the balm and remove using makeup remover. 

Beauty essentials to illuminate your glow.