Warm Up Biodegradable Glitter Eyeshadow


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Warm with a rose gold glow..

Warm Up is a rose gold fine glitter dust. Our glitters are made with high intensity pigment and metallic shine.

BIODEGRADABLE: Made from a renewable plant-based raw material Cellulose, the Eucalyptus plant fibre is from of the most widely available and fastest growing trees on the planet. This bio glitter will naturally dissolve into nature, marine and waste water. We are very excited to launch our eco-friendly glitter for a more sustainable future. 

OCEAN FRIENDLY: Our guilt-free cosmetic bio glitter will fully naturally dissolve in both ocean and wastewater environments, in the presence of heat, water, oxygen and microorganisms. If an animal or fish accidentally consumes it, the glitter will break down in the process of digestion, instead of remaining in the animal and accumulating as it is consumed up the food chain.

Vegan and cruelty free. Tested on celebrities, not animals.


STYLING: Wear these as an eyeliner in the evening, under your eyes at festivals, sprinkled onto wet nails and in your hair braids for summer pool parties. Mix our colours together and the possibilities of beauty looks are endless. Tag us on instagram, we can’t wait to see what you create.

These are cosmetic eco glitters, and are 30-40% softer than PET plastic glitter. The can also be used for craft if you would like to use biodegradable glitter for a sustainable lifestyle.


HOW TO APPLY: Our glitter can be easily applied using our peel off glitter glue for an easy and comfortable application.  Apply with your fingertips, cotton buds or a brush on top of the glitter glue and remove simply by peeling off.  Purchase this product separately. 


Beauty essentials to illuminate your glow.