Please see below our timestamped original model image. This is the raw image without any editing, shown exactly as shot on the camera. The image was shot at precisely 14:14:20 (14 minutes and 20 seconds after 2pm) on 23rd August 2017. On this page there are also invoices for our model, make up artist and photographer from this shoot to prove that this image belongs to Karizma Design Ltd, trademarked under KARIZMA & NIKITA KARIZMA. This model image is used for KARIZMA which is currently trademarked and brand registered on Amazon.

Below is the final edit of our model image that we have created and used to sell our masks. 



The photoshoot was with model 'Atlanta Pitman' from Storm Model Agency. You can see below the booking form with the model agency, as well as the invoice to our company Karizma Design Ltd.  This team is a team we shoot with regularly for our trademarked brand KARIZMA and is our brand and company's identity. 

Please see below our invoice with the photographer Ruan Van Der Sande for our photoshoot where the image was taken:

Please see below the invoice with our make up artist Gigi from Haus of Maschera from the photoshoot where the model image was shot:

Please see the link below to view the model images used in our face masks, which are protected under the KARIZMA trademark.

The image used for our e-commerce is our company's final edit from our photoshoot.  Purely for the use of trademarked brand KARIZMA to sell our products and services, by our company Karizma Design Ltd.  Our company and brand images cannot be used by third parties that are not associated with our company without our permission. We own these images.